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1 Real Madrid Spain Let's Go Real Madrid Wherever Real Madrid goes, the fans go too! Soittoluettelo
2 Bolton England He'll Eat Your Labrador, Lee Chung-Yong Bolton's top Korean winger Soittoluettelo
3 São Paulo Brazil Wellington Greetings to the midfielder Wellington Soittoluettelo
4 Hamilton Scotland La La La Accies Brilliant song! To the tune of Hey Jude
5 Sheffield United England Nick Montgomery When Monty does anything good
6 Chelsea England Is That All She Get's at Home Sung by the Chelsea fans to a male streaker at the 2003 away FA Cup tie V Shrewsbury.
7 QPR England Who the F**King Hell Are You Who are ya
8 Arsenal England North Bank/Clock End Highbury-chants still alive Soittoluettelo
9 Panathinaikos Greece Go PAO Leoforos is the Nickname of the first Stadium of Panathinaikos Soittoluettelo
10 FC Lahti Finland This Is Lahti Singing Great sound Soittoluettelo
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11 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-H Behind Us The Riots Will Stay Nobody likes a riot Soittoluettelo
12 Poland Poland We Are at Ours Poland playing at home Soittoluettelo
13 Leeds United England You're Supposed to Be in Jail! Aimed at Lee Hughes the murderer.
14 Walsall England Stand Up if You're Going Bust Financial w*nkers Soittoluettelo
15 Portsmouth England Super Matthew Taylor Our former left back. Soittoluettelo
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